My First design competition while studying at University ~™

Wednesday 13 June 2018

My First design competition while studying at University

ISTD: My First design competition while studying at UAL (University of Arts London).

 International Society of Typographic Designers, ISTD, is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers and educators.

The Society has an international membership who share and support its aim to create and inspire interest in all forms of typographic communication.

Working closely with education and industry, ISTD establishes, maintains and promotes typographic standards through the forum of debate and design practice. Membership is awarded to practising designers, educators and graduating students who demonstrate, through the quality of their work, their commitment to achieving the highest possible standard of visual communication.

ISTD was a challenging experience for me, testing my graphic design knowledge, creativity and stressing my thinking conceptually.

The topic I have chosen to do for the competition was Type-Coach which was about typographic awareness. The brief proposes a "Type Coach", a coach which will take a number of the world's leading practising typographers and typographic designers on a tour of the UK and Ireland. Pre-arranged venues will be booked for lectures and workshops. This coach needs to be promoted and needs a visual identity and appropriate publicity. Explore the intrinsic beauty of type.

After understanding the project brief, I have executed the project really well. My thinking process was clear, I thought of a concept and simply designed the branding identity based on scenario that comprehensively depicted the purpose of type coach.

Revivalist is the branding name and the concept is within the name, separating "Reviva-list", list is to represent the lecturers that are participating in the campaign "Type Coach". The idea and purpose of Type Coach is to education students about typography elements and its history. Hence the word Revivalist suited the campaign. A group of lecturers who are trying to revive the conceptual elements of typography and education the student with better understanding about typography.

Below are the branding identity design.
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