Game-changing, Facebook’s live chat widget for your website ~™

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Game-changing, Facebook’s live chat widget for your website

Facebook has announced their Messenger chat widget — which turns Messenger into a web-chat solution. If you don’t have chat on your website, but you do have a Facebook page, you can now get web-chat free with a minimum of effort. Over 1 billion people using Facebook Messenger and very easy to integration from your existing facebook page and your website.

Messenger Chat is different
The Messenger chat is a unique chat solution, unlike the traditional web-chat solutions, it isn’t anonymous. People using it have to be logged-in to Facebook and their basic profile, which includes their name, is visible to you. This means you know who you’re talking to, which is quite a revelation when compared to the “random person on the internet” feature of more traditional anonymous web-chat solutions.

 The other unique feature of Messenger Chat is that the conversation is mirrored in your customer’s Messenger app — so they can continue the conversation after they’ve left your website. If you need to take some time to investigate and find an answer to a question, you no longer need to worry that you may lose contact when the client leaves your website.
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