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Thursday 31 July 2014

Easyrota (Clinic Rota Management system) - Wins QIPP award!

EasyRota, the easy access rota and clinic management tool with live PAS data feeds, developed by Health iQ was awarded first prize at The Aylward QIPP Awards’ presentation on 10th July 2013 at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) challenge is a nationwide transformational programme for the NHS; involving all NHS staff, clinicians, patients and the voluntary sector. It aims to improve the quality of care delivered by the NHS whilst making efficiency savings by 2015, which in turn will be reinvested into frontline patient care.

Moorfields Eye Hospital’s Aylward QIPP Awards recognises initiatives that have improved care for patients, created change and made a difference within the hospital. On the judging panel was John Pelly, Chief Executive; Bill Aylward,Consultant Ophthalmologist and Previous Medical Director and Declan Flanagan,Medical Director and Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Mr. Areeb Moosavi, Glaucoma Fellow, tells us how the user-friendly and intuitive system has facilitated the Glaucoma team, across all of its sites, to accelerate the delivery of their QIPP priorities:

“We had been having problems for a long time with accurately managing our clinic rotas, and had tried a number of solutions without success. Health iQ were the first people to really understand what we needed and the speed from initial discussions to full pilot was excellent. Since EasyRota went live in the Glaucoma department at Moorfields the feedback has been extremely positive. It has transformed the way clinics are managed and is vastly superior to the previous rota system because it combines a rota system with clinic capacity and booking figures. The deployment of the system was not only an excellent QIPP project in its own right but the system itself also provides excellent real time data for future audits and QIPP projects. It is great that the excellent work of the clever guys at Health iQ have been recognised in this way.”

The team at Health iQ are equally delighted that EasyRota has achieved such recognition:

“We are thrilled that EasyRota has been able to significantly improve rota and clinic management at Moorfields Eye Hospital; a time and cost burden suffered by most hospitals. We look forward to seeing EasyRota help an increasing number of hospitals to better manage their resources and deliver enhanced patient care,” says Quyen Williams, Senior Product Manager at Health iQ.

The award winning tool is being rolled out to NHS Trusts across the country.

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